Tony Cragg Silicon Dioxide

On display in Murano, the British iconic sculptor shows his work in glass for the first time in a comprehensive way, tracing stages in his career.


About forty works, some totally unpublished, make up SILICON DIOXIDE, the new solo show by TONY CRAGG scheduled at the Murano Glass Museum from 3 December 2021 to 21 August 2022. The exhibition also traces the most significant stages of the artist’s career English, with also six assemblages, historical large-scale works where Cragg juxtaposes objects and accumulates small groups of things. The painting offered by the selection of sculptures on display faithfully reproduces Cragg’s artistic vision and his unique ability to communicate through glass, a material of which he has always been able to enhance the intrinsic geometries. British

Poster courtesy of Museo del Vetro

The Master speaks

The opening was well visited by a mix of artists, curators and local Muranese glass makers mingling and sharing the curiosity about what Cragg‘s imagination – in his early work using site-specific installations of found objects and discarded materials – would accomplish with the amorphic material the local industry and craftsmanship is so proud of. The Turner Prize winner was present on site despite the Covid19 pandemic and gave a short speech with glimpses into his artistic angle: 

Glass like organic found objects

Knowing about the difficulties and craft necessary in the production of high-quality glass objects Tony Cragg goes down a different road, transgressing the borders of decorative aesthetics. His interest in the structural quality of glass gave birth to amazing pieces of art which go beyond the usual perspectives glass objects may try to offer. Even everyday glass recreated and reassembled into sculptures speaks a different language in the hands of Tony Cragg.

The exhibition is curated by Berengo Studio in collaboration with the Venice Civic Museums Foundation.

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