art-frame puts you in the picture about the most interesting cultural events taking place in Venice and elsewhere in Italy: an online magazine dedicated to exhibitions, art events, cultural news and more.

art-frame aims to spread the passion for art and culture by providing everyone – including enthusiasts, young people and families – with free access to exhibition reviews and news about fairs, festivals and other key cultural initiatives, as well as in-depth content including exclusive interviews with leading figures connected with the arts.

art-frame also has an international outlook, with articles in English dedicated to the most unmissable events in the global cultural calendar.

art-frame is published by the independent cultural association CF Projects, which was founded in Venice in 2017 with the aim of organising initiatives that promote all aspects of culture, with a particular emphasis on contemporary art.

[Registration in press register n. history 4425/2023 of 07/04/2023 RG n. 1354/2023 at the Court of Venice]

art-frame: insights & viewpoints on art

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Director  – Francesca Fungher

Chief Editor  – Elena Casadoro Kopp

Artistic  Director – Herwig Egon Casadoro Kopp

Editors  – Giovanna Aliprandi, Valentina Bigolin, Francesca De Pra

Contributors – Giorgia Basili, Martina Bazzanella, Matteo Bergamini, Claudia Bortolotto, Andrea M. Campo, Rebecca Canavesi, Daniele Capra, Ilia Cianchi, Letizia Cilea, Laura Cocciolillo, Dario Costa, Regina Gritti, Thea Hawlin, Emna Lakhoua, Francesco Liggieri, Matilde Moro, Peter Muttcoin, Camilla Nerini, Lucrezia Odorici, Emma Park, Bianca Penniello, Emilio Quintè, Neri Torcello, Agnese Torres, Chiara Vedovetto, Alessio Vigni, Roberto Zancan, Michele Zanchetta.

Graphics & Webdesign – HECK

Graphic Design – Cristina Morandin

Advertising – Francesca De Pra

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